Free Your Model in 3 Seconds! Transform Your Model’s Face with Just One Picture! (E-commerce Photography Tips)

When shooting and showcasing clothing photos, you'll notice that a model's face is one of the key factors that attracts viewers. A sophisticated, sweet, handsome, or charismatic face often adds considerable appeal to display photos. While a good physique is essential for models, a face that suits the atmosphere and product is what truly captivates the audience!

So, how can you integrate the desired model's face into your product showcase image? Today, we'll share a quick trick that takes only 3 seconds!

Even regular e-commerce enthusiasts at home can now use sophisticated and handsome models or even alter a model's age (or gender).

The tool we'll be using today is called Face Swap

Step 1: Upload an original clothing showcase photo that clearly shows the person's face.

Step 2: Upload a front-facing photo of the target model.

Step 3: Click 'Generate' to download the model's showcase image with the swapped face. In just 3 seconds, you achieve model freedom!

Let's take a look at a comparison image to see the effects:

Furthermore, you can use it to generate your unique business/seller image, and it's free! Here's an example:

Step 1: Upload a successful businessperson's photo.
Step 2: Upload a front-facing photo of yourself and click 'Generate.'

The result will look like this:

If you want to switch models with different backgrounds and regions, you can explore the advanced version. It allows you to completely change the background and model while keeping the same set of clothes.

Tool link for advanced version: AI Fashion Models