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VModel.AI is an AI fashion models generator for efficient & cost-effective on-model photography. It boosts retail success by reducing model photography costs by 90%.

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Key Advantages

Rapid Sales

Generate your product model photography in just minutes. 
Say goodbye to long waiting times for photoshoots. Provide high-quality images for immediate 
use to boost sales.

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VModel help retailers to get rapid sales
VModel help retailers to save money

Cost Savings

Utilize AI to automatically transform your product photos into 
professional AI model photos. No need for expensive photoshoots, 
reducing 90% model photography costs.

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Business Expansion

With AI fashion models generator, there's no need for actual 
photoshoots or travel. Quickly generate images for a wide 
range of clothing,
 expanding your product offerings.

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VModel help E-commerce retailer grow their business
Customize AI fashion models freely to appeal to different audiences

Audience Inclusivity

Customize AI fashion models freely to appeal to different audiences. 
Easily change models based on age, ethnicity and gender to enhance 
conversion rates and stand out from competitors.

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Reduce 90% models photography costs 
by AI Fashion Models

How Does AI Fashion Models Work?

Never struggle for on-model photography ever again

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Upload Product Photos

Easily upload photos showcasing your product on a mannequin or a real person.


Choose the Model You Like

Select model types, styles, settings, and even fine-tune expressions that best represent your brand.

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Receive On-Model Photography in Minutes

In no time, receive stunning, photorealistic AI-generated images ready for use.

What People Say about AI Fashion Models

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our AI Fashion Models Generator

Simple and incredibly user-friendly, 
the images are outstanding! It's highly 
efficient and saves time on photos and 
retouching! It has generated many 
inquiries for my store.

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E-commerce Seller

VModel.AI's rapid model showcase image generation not only saves 90% of models photography costs but also makes our 
clothing product images stand out 
among competitors .

customer review-vmodel
Amazon Seller

A big thank you to VModel.AI for their assistance. Their image generation service 
has made our brand image more 
professional, leaving a great impression on our customers.

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John Smith
Etsy Seller

FAQs About AI Fashion Models

Got a question? We've got answers.

AI fashion model is an AI-powered solution for fashion retailers to create high-quality 
on-model photography without the hassle of elaborate photoshoots.
AI fashion model generator uses artificial intelligence to change models in clothing photos 
based on age, ethnicity, facial expression, and more.
AI fashion model helps diversify your store, improve E-commerce engagement and 
conversions, reduce returns, promote diversity and inclusion in fashion, and reduce model photo cost by 90%.
Yes, AI fashion model can be used for clothing, trousers, lingerie, bikinis, wigs, jewellery, bags, 
shoes, and all other product photo needs requiring mannequins.