The 6 best Etsy seller tools to manage and grow your shop

Etsy sellers spend half their time designing and creating and the other half on administrative tasks — you know, the fun stuff that keeps entrepreneurs up at night.

Clearly, selling on Etsy is hard work, but with the right tools, you can save time, manage your Etsy shop, and rest a little easier. 

We’ve rounded up eight of the best Etsy seller tools to set you on the path to Etsy success. 

#1 Marmalead: Keyword research and Etsy SEO

As you saw from our polls, shoppers rely on search to find your Etsy products. 95% of the time, they buy what they find on the first page of search results. 

Marmalead helps your products get found. Use it to figure out the most relevant keywords for your products and listings based on what people are searching.

Best Etsy seller tools: Screenshot of Marmalead homepage


  • Track and analyze search volume, engagement, and competition for long-tail keywords
  • Get a 30-day forecast for how keywords will perform
  • Find tags, average prices, and shipping times of popular products
  • Get suggested keywords
  • Make side-by-side performance comparisons of keywords
  • Track trending searches on Etsy and Pinterest
  • Letter-grading process for your Etsy listings shows what you can improve

Difficulty: Low

Best for: Sellers intimidated by Etsy SEO

Who should pass on it: Sellers who already use another keyword research tool like eRank; using multiple apps for the same task can get confusing (data overload, anyone?)

Price: $19/month, $15.83/month if paid annually

Free trial: 14-day trial

#2 Ecomdash: Inventory management

Ecomdash is like the engine of your Etsy shop. 

You can build your e-commerce website with its store builder, but inventory management and order fulfillment are where Ecomdash really shines.

Its software integrates with Etsy and all the major e-commerce marketplaces and systems.

Etsy seller tools: screenshot of EcomDash homepage screen.


  • Track and update product quantities 
  • Create and send purchase orders to suppliers to restock inventory
  • Manage and fulfill sales orders across multiple shops and platforms
  • Print warehouse pick lists, shipping labels, and packing slips for faster processing
  • Discounted USPS shipping 

Difficulty: Medium

Best for: Etsy sellers with multiple shops and product lines

Who should pass on it: Sellers who are just starting out

Price: $1.95-24.95/month (60% savings when billed yearly instead of monthly).

Free trial: No

#3 PickFu: Etsy shop optimization

Once you’ve launched your Etsy shop, the work of e-commerce optimization begins.

PickFu is a testing platform for improving your product images, descriptions, videos, ads, pricing — really, your entire Etsy business — with consumer feedback.

Screenshot of PickFu homepage.


  • Split test your listings or attributes such as photos, copy, and videos with a target audience of consumers
  • Test up to 8 options at a time in Ranked or Head-To-Head polls, or get open-ended feedback on a single option
  • Use Click Tests to get feedback in heatmap form
  • Run competitive tests of your products, listings, pricing, and other features against similar sellers
  • Customize your respondent panel with more than 90 targeting traits, including Etsy shoppers
  • Quantitative and qualitative (written) feedback with every poll

Difficulty: Low

Best for: Etsy sellers preparing to launch or expand

Who should pass on it: Sellers looking for fully automated testing or multi-question surveys

Price: $1/response to start, free sign-up. No subscription is required, though plans start at $79/month. 

Free trial: No

#4 Vela: Manage Etsy product listings

56% of Etsy sellers don’t sell exclusively on Etsy; they sell on other e-commerce platforms as well. Vela makes all the juggling easier through the automation of your product listings. 

Vela syncs with Shopify too, so you can manage multiple shops. Integrations with Amazon, eBay, Mercari, and other e-commerce platforms are in the works.

Etsy seller tools: Screenshot of Vela app.


  • Connect multiple Etsy shops in one place
  • Create and manage product listings across multiple Etsy shops
  • Bulk edit and update product titles, descriptions, quantities, pricing, and more 
  • Copy and publish listings individually or in batches across your shops
  • Create and apply tags across listings to help with Etsy SEO
  • Organize and edit product images in a photo library

Difficulty: Low

Best for: Growing Etsy sellers who also use Shopify

Who should pass on it: Sellers focused solely on Etsy

Price: $5/month for Vela Lite, $10/month for Vela Plus. Pricing is per shop; if you have two Etsy shops, you pay monthly for each.

Free trial: 1-week trial to start, and for each shop you add

#5 Mad Mimi: Email marketing

Automated email campaigns have higher open and click-through rates than regular e-newsletters. 

That alone is a good reason for you to use Mad Mimi. Its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface is another.

Best Etsy seller tools: Screenshot of Mad Mimi homepage.


  • Create and send email newsletters and drip campaigns
  • Sync your Etsy shop to easily add listings to emails and share on social media
  • Track open, click-through, share, unsubscribe and bounce rates
  • Manage and prune your subscriber list based on campaign metrics
  • Create custom web forms to build your email list

Difficulty: Low

Best for: Beginner Etsy sellers who need plug-and-play tools

Who should pass on it: Enterprise users

Price: Starts at $10/month for the Basic plan (500 contacts)

Free trial: No

#6 Outfy: Manage your social media

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for any small business. It’s also a time suck to manually post images, captions, and hashtags. 

Automation as part of your social strategy can save you time — more than 6 hours a week — and help build your brand. 

Outfy’s Etsy integration syncs across all the major platforms. Its easy-to-use interface lets you flex your creative muscles when designing your social content, similar to Canva.

Etsy seller tools: Screenshot of Outfy homepage.


  • Schedule and manage social media posts for multiple Etsy shops across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr
  • Create and share GIFs, photo collages, videos, ads, and other content
  • Autopilot feature chooses and posts content based on automation criteria you set
  • Promote sales events using customizable post templates   

Difficulty: Medium

Best for: Time-strapped sellers

Who should pass on it: Metrics-focused sellers. Outfy doesn’t report on how your posts perform. It’s up to you to track that if you want.

Price: Starter plan is $15/month ($144 if paid annually). There are also Pro, Ultimate, and Enterprise plans. A Free Forever plan allows for one automated post per day, per social network.

Free trial: 7-day trial