How to Use on TEMU to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency: AI Models Helping Fashion E-commerce Save Money

In the process of online shopping for a piece of clothing, 80% of the cost might go towards model photography and marketing. This data might surprise many people, but for fashion brands, it's just a part of daily operations. The fashion industry is driven by new arrivals to attract customers, but the cost of launching new products is enormous because photographing clothing on models is incredibly expensive.

The Dilemma of E-commerce Model Photos

When we shop online, we often notice that the same piece of clothing is sold in different stores with varying prices and materials, yet the model photos in the product details are exactly the same. Some merchants even use stickers or crop the model's head to avoid infringement issues. This highlights the high cost of real model photoshoots. For instance, clothing model photos involve a series of processes, including hiring models, studio shoots, and photo editing, often making them the most expensive and time-consuming type of e-commerce images.

In addition to the cost issue, time is also a factor. Hiring real models requires coordinating their schedules, which can result in long wait times, especially during major promotions when top models are booked up. After the shoot, the photos must be professionally selected and edited before creating the product detail pages, a process that can take several days. Setting up the shoot environment is also labor-intensive, and for large items like furniture, it can be as challenging as moving and redecorating a home.

Mannequin Image AI Model Generation
Real Image AI Model Generation
Hairstyle Image AI Model Generation

The Advantages of AI Models’s "AI Supermodel" feature was developed in response to these challenges. Through market research and continuous exploration by the technical team, has integrated multiple AI models with pre-set "parameters," allowing ordinary users to use the service without complex operations. Users simply upload a plaster model photo or a photo of a real person, select a model, set model parameters and background, and can generate two realistic model images at once. The current version supports real photos or mannequins with faces, hands, and feet, enabling users to create a set of model photos within minutes.

Assisting TEMU Fashion Merchants with AI provides a high-efficiency, cost-effective solution for fashion e-commerce through AI model technology. Here's how to use's AI model features to reduce costs and increase efficiency:

Steps to Generate AI Models from Human Models

Step 1: Choose Your Image For best results, choose images that showcase the natural colors and textures of your product. We recommend using photos of real models or mannequins.

Step 2: Choose Your Model We offer AI models of various skin tones, body shapes, and hair colors. Select the models you prefer from the AI model library based on your specific needs.

Step 3: Generate and Download After selection, click generate. In a few minutes, your AI model photos will be ready for use. Download any images you like.

Why Use It?

Visual Marketing AI-generated models offer unparalleled convenience for e-commerce and fashion studios. They can virtually showcase your fashion products, eliminating the need for real model shoots.

Boost Sales and Conversions Presenting your fashion products in a relevant way allows customers to imagine them better, providing a more immersive shopping experience that ultimately drives higher conversions.

Cost-effective Marketing Significantly reduce costs associated with traditional photography. AI-generated models offer an affordable solution without compromising on visual quality.

Tips for Best Results

To ensure the best results with, consider the following:

High-Quality Input: Always upload high-resolution images of your clothing.

Matching Poses: Choose AI fashion models whose poses and styles suit your clothing.

Photo Enhancer: If the images are not clear enough, use’s photo enhancer to improve image quality before generating the model.

Face Swap: If the uploaded image already has the right body shape, use’s Face Swap for better results.

How to Choose High-Quality Clothing Input Images

To ensure the best results with, follow these tips to capture high-quality images of clothing on models:

Good Lighting: Use natural light or studio lighting to avoid shadows and highlight clothing details.

Clear Background: Shoot against a plain background to keep the focus on the clothing.

High Resolution: Use a high-resolution phone or professional camera to capture clear, detailed images.

Proper Angles: Shoot from the front, keeping the side angle less than 45 degrees.

Stable Shooting: Use a tripod to avoid blurry images.

Model Poses: Choose poses that effectively showcase the fit and style of the clothing.

Flat Lay Techniques: When photographing laid-flat clothes, ensure they are smooth and free of wrinkles or twists.

Case Study: Success Stories of on TEMU

Since launched on the TEMU e-commerce platform, many merchants have benefited. For example, a women's clothing e-commerce store used’s AI model feature to save on photography costs and significantly shorten the time to market for new products. Here’s their specific process and results:

  1. Choose Images: The store owner selected several high-resolution photos of real models and mannequins to showcase the natural colors and textures of the products.
  2. Choose Models: Based on the target market and customer base, the store owner chose AI models with different skin tones, body shapes, and hair colors from the AI model library.
  3. Generate and Download: After clicking generate, the store received multiple high-quality AI model photos within minutes. These photos were immediately used on product detail pages and in marketing promotions.

This approach saved the store a considerable amount on photography and post-production costs while enhancing the product display, attracting more customers to click and purchase.

Future Prospects will continue to upgrade its versions and optimize the details of generation. In addition to online membership sales, it will also offer SAAS customized services. In the future, AI models will take up part of the market occupied by real models. However, the modeling industry can maintain its position not only because of the models' appearance but also due to their understanding of the brand. Through long-term skill learning, models can present the brand's philosophy in front of the camera. The inspiration generated during the shooting process between photographers and models creates works that most resonate with consumers. Maintaining a sense of reverence is the best way to embrace the AI era.

By using’s AI model features, fashion e-commerce can significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency, and quickly generate high-quality model images to showcase products. not only provides a more economical and efficient solution for merchants but also offers consumers a more diverse and personalized shopping experience. On the TEMU e-commerce platform, leveraging’s AI model technology enables merchants to launch new products faster and cheaper, enhance sales conversions, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.