Step 1: Upload your image to Adobe Express


Step 2: Remove the background from your image with one click


Step 3: Change the background of your image


Step 4: Add graphics, animations, text, and more to your image


Step 5: Save and share your image


Step 6: Use your image in other projects


Step 6: Use your image in other projects


Step 7: Learn more about Adobe Express and its features


Step 8: Enjoy creating amazing content with Adobe Express


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1、What is Adobe Express and what can I do with it?

Adobe Express is a free online tool that lets you easily edit photos, videos, graphics, animations, and more. You can use it to create stunning content for different purposes, platforms, and audiences. You can also use it to remove the background from any image in just one click, and change it to something else.

 2、How does Adobe Express remove the background from an image?

Adobe Express uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically detect the subject of your image and remove the background from it. You can also use the Refine Edges tool to adjust the edges of your subject and make them smoother or sharper.

3、How can I change the background of my image after I remove it with Adobe Express?

You can change the background of your image by using the Background tool, which lets you choose from different background options.