Free AI Baby Generator Online

VModel’s AI Baby Generator predicts what your future baby might look like using advanced artificial intelligence.

How to Predict Your Future Baby's Appearance

1. Upload a picture of a baby

Choose a baby picture as the base image, or upload a baby picture you like, or simply use the sample image on the right.

Right-click on the image to save it locally, and then proceed with the upload.

2. Upload a photo of Dad

Upload a photo of Dad, click 'swap' to merge Dad's photo with the baby's photo.

Download the image after the face swap to use it as the original image for the next step in the process.

3. Upload a photo of Mom

Utilize the face-swapped image of the baby and dad as the origin picture, use the photo of Mom as the target picture, and click 'Swap'.

Download the image after the face swap to use it as the original image for the next step in the process.

4. Upload the initial baby photo.

Use the image synthesized with Mom as the source, the baby's picture as the target, click 'Swap,' and behold the photo of your future baby. Give it a try now!

How AI Baby Generator Works?

VModel's AI Baby Generator analyzes two faces and predicts the baby's face. Simply upload the images of the parents' faces and click the 'Generate' button. With just a photo of each parent, you can see a prediction of your baby's face in just a few moments.

AI baby generator

What Will My Baby Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what your future baby might look like? With our AI Baby Generator, you can get a fun glimpse into the future! VModel's AI Baby Generator uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze the facial features of two parents and predict what their baby might look like. It's a fun and fascinating way to see a representation of your future child.

What will my baby look like


VModel's AI Baby Generator uses an AI technology called StyleGAN to generate images of babies. StyleGAN is an extension of a deep learning model called GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), which allows you to learn the characteristics of two images and combine them to generate a new high-resolution image. Our tool extracts facial features from two parental facial photographs and combines those features with a randomly selected baby photo to create a high-resolution baby face with parental features.

Privacy and Security

We respect your data privacy. All image data will be completely erased in 24 hours. No user registration is required, and you can use our service anonymously.

Try AI Baby Generator Now

Predict your baby with different ages, from newborn to adult. Our baby face prediction is available for free. Try VModel's AI Baby Generator now and share your results on social media.

Please note: The generated images are for entertainment purposes only. The actual appearance of your future child may vary.

We hope you enjoy using our AI Baby Generator as much as we enjoyed creating it. We can't wait to see all the adorable baby faces you generate! Enjoy our service and have fun!