VModel Instructions

VModel is the next-generation AI-powered tool for e-commerce, empowering fashion e-commerce professionals to create on-model photos without the need for professional models or photographers. You can easily generate high-definition AI on-model photos using regular clothing mannequin images or images of people wearing the clothes, reducing on-model commercial production costs by 90%.

The operational process is wonderfully straightforward and can be accomplished in several simple steps:

1.Launch the VModel plugin on your computer, available in the Chrome or Edge plugin stores.  It is advisable to log in first to access the full suite of features. 

VModel AI fashion models generator-login

2. Choose the type of clothing image you can provide. You can select from mannequin-based model generation, swapping faces and hairstyles with real human models, or generating models from wig images. Different modes correspond to different AI model algorithms, so be sure to upload the appropriate type of image to avoid deviations in the generated content.

VModel AI fashion models generator-choose image type

3. Upload your clothing images or opt for the sample images we provide. Be mindful that for images of  models without heads,  space should be allocated for generating an AI model's head, as otherwise, the model's head might be missing.

Be mindful that for images of models without heads, space should be allocated for generating an AI model's head, as otherwise, the model's head might be missing.

VModel AI fashion models generator-upload image

4. After uploading the image, you can adjust its size, making sure to reserve adequate space for the model's head or limbs. AI will generate images within the selected frame. Failure to reserve space may result in missing heads or limbs in the model.

VModel AI fashion models generator-adjust image size

5. On the left, select the clothing or product areas you want to keep. The selected areas will be marked in purple, while unselected areas will be automatically generated by AI. If there are defects in the automatic image segmentation, you can use a brush to highlight the parts you want to keep. On the right, choose the AI background, AI model, model expressions, and other content you wish to generate. You can also flexibly add specific clothing items to the model. Once you've made your selections, click "Generate."

VModel AI fashion models generator-generate images

6. After clicking "Generate"button, please allow V Model some time to produce the AI-generated model  clothing showcase image.  Each generation produces two images, giving you the option to select the most suitable one for download.  You can also regenerate or edit the image as needed.

VModel AI fashion models generator-generate history

VModel employs cutting- edge AI algorithms and can even directly process images of mannequins without limbs,  eliminating the need for extra manual adjustments.

This encompasses the entirety of VModel's operations. We hope this assists you in creating numerous outstanding model clothing showcase images!

If you have any questions or suggestions during usage, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the email [email protected]. We deeply appreciate your support!